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Links to Manufacturers

Aaton - Professional Audio Recorders
AKG - Microphones, Headphones, Wireless and Accessories
Ambient - Boom Poles, Microphones and Time Code Devices
Amplis Foto Canada - Camera and Lighting Accessories
Anchor Audio - Public Address Speakers and Bullhorns
Audio Developments - Field Mixers and Accessories
Audio Limited - Wireless Microphones
Audio Technica - Microphones, Headphones, Wireless and Accessories
Beyer Dynamic - Microphones, Headphones and Accessories
Blueshape - Professional Batteries
Boom Audio - Booming Accessories
Canare - Cable and Accessories
Cartoni Spa - Professional Camera Support
Comtek - Wireless IFB and Assisted Listening Solutions
Countryman - Microphones and Accessories
Denecke - Time Code Devices and Audio Accessories
Duracell - Procell Batteries
Energizer - Batteries
Fostex - Professional Audio Recorders and Monitors
Hawk-Woods - Location Power Devices
HHB - Professional Audio Recorders and Recording Media
Hirose - Connectors
IDX - Batteries (NP and V-Lock)
Katamount - Microphones, Windscreens and Scriptlinc Time Code Devices
K&M - Audio Stands and Accessories
Lectrosonics - Wireless and IFB Solutions
Lemo - Connectors
Littlite - Task Lighting
Lupo Light - Lighting - Flourescent/LED
Lupolux - Lighting - Spots/Fresnels
Manfrotto - Grip, Lighting and Camera Accessories
Maxell - Digital Recording Media
Micron - Wireless and IFB Solutions
Nagra - Professional Audio Recorders
Neumann - Microphones and Accessories
Neutrik - Connectors and Accessories
Olsen Audio - Windscreens and Accessories
Pelican - Hard Cases and Task Lights
Petrol - Audio Bags and Accessories
PortaBrace - Audio Bags and Accessories
PSC - Mixers, Microphones and Accessories
Prompter People - Teleprompters
Ravencourt - Audio Interfaces
Raxxess - Audio Hardware
Rode - Microphones
Rycote - Microphone Windshields and Accessories
Sanken - Microphones and Accessories
Schoeps - Microphones and Accessories
Sennheiser - Microphones, Headphones, Wireless and Accessories
Shure - Mixers, Microphones and Accessories
Sonotrim - Lavaliere Microphones
Sony - Headphones
SQN - Mixers and Accessories
Sound Devices - Mixers, Professional Audio Recorders and Accessories
Tram - Lavaliere Microphones and Accessories
Ultrasone - Headphones
Underwater Kinetics (UK) Cases - Hard Cases and Task Lights
VDB - Boom Poles

Film and Broadcast Points of Interest

Discussion Groups and Organizations

CICA - Canadian Independent Camera Association
The Discussion Group @ JWSound.net - LA based discussion of sound for film and video
LIFT - Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto
R.A.M.P.S. - Recording Arts/Movies/Production Sound (Google Portal) message board
TOFCPUG.com - Toronto Final Cut Pro User Group
WIFT - Women in Film and Television - Toronto

History and Science of Sound for Film

AES.org - Audio Engineering Society
Canadian Film Reference Library - an excellent reference source for Canadian films
Film Sound.org - Dedicated to the the Art of Film Sound Design and Film Sound Theory
The History of Sound: George Groves - the story of one of film sound's pioneers
SMPTE.org - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

Film and Video Resources

The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television
Alberta Film Commission - resources for Alberta
British Columbia Film - resources for British Columbia
C.R.T.C. - Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
D.O.C. - Documentary Organization of Canada
Film Nova Scotia - resources for Nova Scotia
Manitoba Film - resources for Manitoba
N.F.B. - Canada's National Film Board
New Brunswick Film - resources for New Brunswick
N.L.F.D.C. - resources for Newfoundland and Labrador
NWT Film Commision - resources for the Northwest Territories
Nunavut Film Development Corporation - resources for Nunavut
Ontario Artist - resource guide, for Ontario artists, including media artists
O.M.D.C. - Ontario Media Development Corporation
Prince Edward Island Film - resources for Prince Edward Island
Saskatchewan Film Commission - resources for Saskatchewan
Quebec Film and Television Council - resources for Quebec
Yukon Film and Sound Commission - resources for the Yukon

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